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Production & Development



The quality of our products is our top priority. We therefore attach great importance to high-quality and clean production methods for our products. Production by dubious manufacturers or in dubious countries is out of the question for our family business – that’s what we stand for with our name. Keep reading for further details about the production of our core Oral Care products and our pharmaceuticals (including nutritional supplements).

«Swiss and Wild Made» – long-term, local, in-house production of our Oral Care range

As a family-run company, we have always strived to produce as many of our products as possible in our own in-house facility in Switzerland. The construction and opening of our new factory in Muttenz, Switzerland in 2007 emphasised this commitment to long-term, local in-house production of our products. In particular, our toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses and mouthwashes in our Oral Care range are produced by us in Switzerland. This means our toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses and mouthwashes in the Oral Care range are not just «Swiss Made» but «Wild Made».

The only exceptions are certain toothpastes produced for export to the Middle East, the local production of certain toothpastes in France (for the French market) and the production processes of licensees in India (for the Indian market), Thailand (for the Thai market) and Egypt (for the Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian and Iraqi markets). Of course, all of these external producers adhere fully to our production guidelines and are subject to our monitoring.

«Swiss Made» or «Made in the EU» – contract manufacturing of our pharmaceuticals in Switzerland and the EU

Our family-run company has entrusted the production of its pharmaceuticals and our vegan nutritional supplement, the Vitamin D Wild Capsules, to specialised and experienced contract manufacturers with an excellent reputation.  As the marketing authorisation holder in Switzerland, we audit and inspect our partners on a regular basis and maintain constant professional and regulatory dialogue with them. Most of these long-standing partners are located in Switzerland. Wherever this is not feasible, we work with producers in equally highly regulated EU countries: Italy, France and Portugal. This means that all our pharmaceuticals are either «Swiss Made» or «Made in the EU» – for the benefit of our customers. Our vegan nutritional supplement, the Vitamin D Wild Capsules – Vegan, is wholly «Swiss Made».


Now as ever, our family-run company continuously develops new products and improves its existing portfolio rather than merely acquiring third-party products. And it will continue to do so in the future. The drive to create new, innovative products for the benefit of our patients and clients is an important driver of our growth. We do not shy away from in-licensing interesting technologies to take our portfolio to the next level.

A glance at our current portfolio and our latest innovations clearly confirms that development is entrenched in our company’s DNA.

  • Vitamin D Capsules In early 2019, our family-run company launched the first vegan vitamin D supplement in Switzerland: the Vitamin D Capsules Vegan. We developed the innovative supplement in collaboration with a Swiss partner. The product fills a significant gap in the vitamin intake of people following a vegan diet. Of course, health-conscious people who do not adhere to the vegan lifestyle benefit from the supplement too.
  • Oral Care. We developed and successfully launched our toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses and mouthwashes in collaboration with our innovative employees and in scientific dialogue with and with support from various universities, practising dentists and commercial partners such as Credentis AG (who kindly allowed us to license Curolox®, an innovative technology based on peptides). These products, developed and produced at our family-run company’s in-house facility, are a key component of our current domestic and international portfolio. 
  • Vitamin D monthly dose. Working in partnership with the University of Zurich, our family-run company developed a vitamin D supplement to be taken on a monthly rather than daily basis. The product was successfully launched on the Swiss market in 2016. It replaces the daily use of a vitamin D supplement within its field of indication and is an important innovation for patients with regard to compliance as well as convenience.