WILD PHARMA treats itself to a new website

17. May 2019

The Dr. Wild & Co. AG website has been refreshed. The new design provides clarity and presents our products to you in a more structured way and with detailed information.

With the relaunch, we have not only updated the appearance and structure of the website, but modernised it from the ground up and optimised it for mobile devices.

The new online magazine regularly provides valuable information and tips on supporting and improving health and well-being. Its easily accessible articles are a reliable and scientifically sound source of knowledge that present new perspectives on current issues in healthcare.

We uphold our high quality standards in the development and manufacturing of our products as well as everything else we do. We hope that you will be satisfied with our quality standards and our new website. We welcome any and all feedback from you.

Enjoy your time browsing wild-pharma.com. We hope to see you again soon.