Wild Pharma, committed to your life since 1932



Ever since it was established in 1932, Dr. Wild & Co. AG has dedicated itself to the healthcare and well-being of people in their everyday lives with its portfolio of pharmaceuticals, oral care products, cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements. We are an independent, family-run company with roots in the Basel region of Switzerland. We are committed to our local production and make a multitude of our products at our own factory in Muttenz, Switzerland. We market and sell our products in Switzerland through various distribution channels – OTC, clinical/hospital care, dental care – and work with a highly qualified and experienced sales force. We also commercialise many of our products together with long-standing partners and distributors in more than 40 countries. Our geographical focus is on Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In Switzerland, our products have always been available exclusively in the specialist trade.

As our name reveals, Dr. Wild & Co. AG is run by the Wild family, which is rooted in the region of Basel and has fully devoted itself to the company ever since its establishment. This personal commitment and entrepreneurial responsibility is evident from the fact that the company continues to be 100% family-owned. In addition, it has been managed by family members both on a strategic and operational level since the beginning. In 2017, Marcel Wild and Christoph L. Wild, third generation family members, took the helm. They are dynamically steering the family-run company towards the future with new strategies and a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.

Our company has a large product portfolio with many highlights.

Oral Care

We have maintained a close, highly constructive collaborative relationship with dental clinics and practising dentists since the 1940s. This has allowed us to develop a uniquely extensive portfolio of innovative toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses and mouthwashes at our own in-house facilities. Additional auxiliary products such as sprays, dental flosses and sticks complete our portfolio. The products are sold in Switzerland and 40 other countries under the brand names Tebodont®, Emoform®, Emofluor®, Depurdent® and Emofresh®. Thanks to their innovative formulas, they offer excellent dental care solutions for daily use, to address special needs and problems (e.g. sensitive teeth, gum problems) as well for general oral care.

Vitamin D

Since the year 2000, we have been a pioneer and leader on the Swiss vitamin D market. Our extensive, innovative portfolio includes both daily and monthly supplements, some of which are included in the reimbursement list of health insurers. We also offer the first vegan vitamin D supplement, our Vitamin D Wild Capsules – Vegan.

Paediatric remedies

Our Vitamin D Wild Oil, the Oxyplastin® wound paste and Deaftol® (which treats inflammations of the mouth and throat among other conditions) can be used from infancy. They make an important contribution to the health and well-being of babies and children.


Our Contra-Schmerz® brand stands for affordable painkillers, which are available OTC. It was an essential driver of the initial growth of our family-run company after its establishment in 1932. We launched the first Contra-Schmerz® product on the Swiss market in 1933, and its current formula, Contra-Schmerz® plus, still comes in the same unique, handy tube. In keeping with current trends, we also offer a Contra-Schmerz product containing ibuprofen – Contra-Schmerz® IL 400.