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TONOGLUTAL®N is a medicinal product sold at chemists and druggists without a prescription. Please read the package insert and consult a specialist.


difficulty concentrating, memory problems, preparing for exams

For any age

  • promotes brain cell metabolism
  • improves physical and mental performance
  • improves ability to concentrate

People of all ages need to be able to concentrate, retain information, and have mental staying power, though these are especially important for students at all levels and trainees.

While preparing for final or entrance exams in particular, students' mental and physical abilities need to be operating at a high level.
Despite broad national campaigns about health, the target group's awareness of the need to eat a balanced diet with whole foods is frequently insufficient, so that supplementation with energy carriers, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins during phases requiring better concentration, a better ability to retain information and mental staying power becomes necessary.

N contains vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphate and vitamin C as building materials for phases of better concentration, needing the ability to retain information and mental staying power, and is thus indicated as a supplement for times of mental or emotional debility, mental strain (e.g. preparing for exams), memory problems, and when having trouble concentrating.

Good luck to all of you taking exams!

EAN-Code: 7680205500241 (100 film-coated)
EAN-Code: 7680205500258 (250

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