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REGENAMEL® is available exclusively to dental experts. 



Caries treatment - Uncomplicated, safe, pain-free

REGENAMEL® is used for the treatment of initial caries lesions by regenerating the dental enamel. The hard tissue of the teeth is remineralised deep down and invasive dental procedures are prevented. This helps preserve the teeth as long as possible.


• Regenerates the dental hard tissue deep down

• Stops initial caries

• Prevents invasive procedures


Regenerative cutting-edge technology

REGENAMEL® forms a biomatrix in the initial caries lesion on the basis of the award-winning CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY. As in the natural tooth development or odontogenesis, this biomatrix promotes the growth of mineral crystals in the teeth. Damaged enamel is regenerated - this has been clinically confirmed. 


Simple application

In everyday dental practice, the treatment can be optimally integrated in the professional tooth cleaning process. REGENAMEL® is applied directly onto the cleaned caries lesion using the practical applicator.


An intelligent therapeutic concept

Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) closes the gap between pure prophylaxis and invasive procedures. Where classic treatment was administered in the past, today dentists are able to offer their patients an effective treatment. REGENAMEL® represents a safe, uncomplicated and pain-free solution, especially for young patients.



Pack containing 10 single applicators


This is a class IIa medical device




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