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DENTOFIX® products are sold exclusively at chemists and druggists.

Tips for Dentures

DENTOFIX® adhesives ensure that dentures are seated perfectly on the gums and are more firmly in place when speaking, laughing and eating.

An added bonus is that they line empty spaces and absorb part of the chewing pressure of the plate on the palate, making the denture much more comfortable to wear.

DENTOFIX® adhesives are easy to remove.


Take a big bite out of an apple!

You can absolutely count on your dentures staying put.

Neutral flavour, no peppermint.

EAN-Code: 7611841158206


This denture adhesive provides a secure fit for more than 12 hours, even when exposed to high stresses.

Lines empty spaces and ensures a perfect fit.

EAN-Code: 4010189000070

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