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EMOFRESH® is sold exclusively at chemists and druggists.

EMOFRESH oral moisturiser

Saliva keeps the mouth healthy

A dry mouth is the result of insufficient saliva production. There is inadequate self-cleaning of the mouth, moistening of the mucous membranes and remineralisation of the teeth. This produces pain, a large number of cavities which progress quickly, thirst and problems chewing, swallowing and speaking. This has a large impact on quality of life.

The EMOFRESH® oral moisturiser gives off moisture over a long period for dry mouth and helps prevent caries. It is sugar-free and protects against caries.

Most common causes of dry mouth:

  • chronic medication use
  • ageing
  • depression, anxiety, stress
  • maxillofacial radiation therapy

The EMOFRESH® oral moisturiser enhances quality of life:

  • gives off moisture
  • makes users feel less thirsty
  • helps people who have problems chewing and swallowing
  • helps people who have taste and speech problems
  • prevents caries
  • remineralises teeth



EMOFRESH tooth spray

Stay caries-free and freshen your breath while on the go

Sugar is found in nearly all prepared foods and drinks these days.

The bacteria present in the mouth convert this sugar into acid that damages teeth, demineralising the your dental enamel.

This increases the risk of caries. And the high-in-sugar, acidulated beverages that are so popular also erode dental enamel, and increase the risk of caries.

EMOFORM® tooth spray immediately neutralises damaging acid, hardens the enamel and reduces the risk of caries.

EMOFORM® tooth spray has the added bonus of being a breath freshener.

15 ml dispenser with approx. 200 applications.


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