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EMOFORM devices

Cleaning of the interdental spaces

Brushing teeth thoroughly is essential to keeping your teeth healthy. Most people clean their teeth daily with a toothbrush, but much less attention is paid to cleaning the interdental spaces. And they deserve much more attention because normal toothbrushes fail to clean these areas and 30% of a tooth's surface is found in the interdental space, which is at a particularly high risk of caries.

EMOFORM actifluor children’s toothbrushes

Diamond-rounded bristles and a special brush head clean your child’s first teeth gently and effectively.

EAN-Code: 7611841136105 (EMOFORM actifluor KIDS)

EAN-Code: 7611841700399 (EMOFORM actifluor YOUNGSTARS)

EMOFORM Brush'n clean & EMOFORM Brush'n clean XL

Metal-free interdental brushes.

No danger of injuring the dental enamel ort he gums.

The small, elastic rubber brush fits to the interdental space.

Available in 2 sizes:
EMOFORM brush'n clean Ø1.6 - 3,5 mm
EMOFORM brush'n clean XL Ø2.1 - 4,7 mm

NEW: family size package with 80 sticks!

EAN-Code: 7611841701099 (EMOFORM brush'n clean with 50 sticks)

EAN-Code: 7611841701105 (EMOFORM brush'n clean XL
with 50 sticks)

EAN-Code: 7611841700603 (EMOFORM brush'n clean family size package
with  80 sticks)
EAN-Code: 7611841700610 (EMOFORM brush'n clean XL family size package
with  80 sticks)

EMOFORM Brush-Sticks

Plastic wedge with velvety-flocked tip designed for the spaces between teeth.

Perfect for the application of solutions.

EAN-Code: 7611841138307

EMOFORM Dental floss

3 different sorts:

  • Mint waxed floss with fluoride
  • Waxed floss with fluoride
  • Unwaxed fine floss

EAN-Code: 7611841138604 (mint, waxed)
EAN-Code: 7611841138406 (waxed)
EAN-Code: 7611841138505 (unwaxed)

EMOFORM Dental tape

flat tape

EAN-Code: 7611841138703

EMOFORM Floss-Card

Dental floss in credit card format with a mirror on the back.
40m floss, mint waxed

EAN-Code: 7611841700481

EMOFORM Duofloss

2 sizes of the floss: fine and regular 

A special-use interproximal dental cleaner that features an extra-thick brush section to clean around dental implants and under bridgework. An ultra-stiff threader on each end of the brush allows the user to thread the product easily . This product is also excellent for everyday care of periodontal disease and for cleaning dental bridges, implants, braces and other dental appliances.

EAN-Code: 7611841137201 (fine)

EAN-Code: 7611841137300 (regular)

EMOFORM Interdental brushes

With plastic-coated wire core in 4 sizes:

  • Ø 1,7 mm 

  • Ø 1,9 mm 

  • Ø 2,5 mm 

  • Ø 3,0 mm 


EAN-Code: 7611841135504 (Ø 1,7 mm)
EAN-Code: 7611841135603 (Ø 1,9 mm)

EAN-Code: 7611841135702 (Ø 2,5 mm)
EAN-Code: 7611841135801 (Ø 3,0 mm)

EMOFORM Micro-Sticks

Micro fine wooden sticks for the cleaning of very narrow interdental spaces.


EAN-Code: 7611841138208

EMOFORM Triofloss

A spezial everyday floss with floss threader, brush and floss section, all on one strand.


EAN-Code: 7611841137508 (100 pce)

EAN-Code: 7611841137607 (30 pce, sachet)
EAN-Code: 7611841137409 (100 pce, extra soft)

EMOFORM toothbrushes

With soft, rounded nylon-bristles for a effective cleaning.

EAN-Code: 7611841136501 (blue)

EAN-Code: 7611841136709 (pink)
EAN-Code: 7611841136600 (yellow)
EAN-Code: 7611841136808 (black

EMOFORM wooden toothpicks

Flexible birch. Designed for the spaces between teetz, either and can be used.


EAN-Code: 7611841138109

EAN-Code: 7611841138000 (mint)

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