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Yegi: The official sponsor of the orienteer Matthias Kyburz! Congratulations to the overall World Cup holder, a great success!

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Yegi® supports SportsCollective as official sponsor of SportsCollective Yegi competitions! 



 yegi® products are sold exclusively at chemists and druggists.


Soothe your feet with beneficial medicinal herbs

yegi® foot and leg care products with beneficial medicinal herbs are the best way to treat many foot problems.



Invigorates and revitalizes, improves circulation in heavy, tired feet, prevents blistering and 'burning' sensation feet.

Herbal bath 200 ml, herbal balm 75 ml, sport protection balm 75 ml, Pressotex plaster 4 units, Callus removal block, herbal foot-spray 100 ml.

EAN-Code: 7611841370004 (Callus removal block)

EAN-Code: 7611841364003 (herbal bath)
EAN-Code: 7611841365000 (herbal balm)
EAN-Code: 7611841363006 (sport protection balm)
EAN-Code: 7611841368001 (Pressotex plaster)
EAN-Code: 7611841371001 (herbal foot-spray)



Relaxes and soothes feet: for dry, cracked and chapped feet.

Herbal cream bath 200 ml, herbal foot care cream 75 ml, herbal foot bath salts 4 x 50 g or 8 x 50 g.

EAN-Code: 7611841361002 (herbal cream bath)

EAN-Code: 7611841362009 (herbal foot care cream)
EAN-Code: 7611841360005 (herbal foot bath salts 4 x 50 g)
EAN-Code: 7611841360104 (herbal foot bath salts 8 x 50 g)



Deodorises and refreshes.

Antiperspirant spray 75 ml, foot powder 80 g.

EAN-Code: 7611841366007 (antiperspirant spray)

EAN-Code: 7611841367004 (foot powder)

yegi: Sponsor during the active time of the world's best orienteer:



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