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DOLOPIC® is sold exclusively at chemists and druggists.



What is DOLOPIC and what it is used for?

DOLOPIC® is a liquid with rapid cooling and soothing effects containing the essential oil of the Australian tea tree (maleleuca alternifolia). It is used to treat skin after insect bites or contact with plants that irritare the skin (e.g. stinging nettles) The liquid is applied directly to the area of skin to be treated with the soft sponge.


On topical application, the natural cooling agent in the essential tea tree oil produces a beneficial and soothing cooling effect on the surface of the skin through evaporative heat loss.


The original inhabitants of Australia (aboriginies) used and appreciated the beneficial effects of tea tree oil. People who have allergic reactions to certain insect bites (bees, wasps, etc.) must follow the measures prescribes by their doctor.

DOLOPIC® should not be applied to areas where the wound has been scratched. Dab the affected area several times daily as required.


10 ml bottle for approx. 200 applications.


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