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cliniderm solution

Cleansing of sensitive and oily skin

Cliniderm® solution is a cleansing solution with the same pH as skin. It consists of synthetic detergents and triclosan.

Cliniderm® solution was specifically developed for the basic care of impure skin. 
The solution improves sebum drainage, removes excess oil from the skin and cleanses it gently.

Cliniderm® solution is used to clean sensitive, oily and impure skin (spots, blackheads, pustules).

EAN-Code: 7611841700719

cliniderm peeling

Deep pore cleansing
of sensitive and oily skin

Soap-free cliniderm® peeling dermabrasion cream is made up of synthetic washing substances (detergents), salicylic acid and zeolite.

These very small, mineral zeolite particles cleanse thoroughly and deeply (abrasive effect) without injuring the skin. The salicylic acid softens the thickened stratum corneum layer of the epidermis and detaches flakes of skin. Regular use of cliniderm® peeling removes blackheads and superficial pustules and re-opens clogged pores.

cliniderm® peeling for sensitive, oily, impure skin and clogged pores.

EAN-Code: 7611841700702

cliniderm intensive

For adolescent problem skin

Contains essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, myrrh, dianthus, rosemary, sage, tea tree, thyme and cinnamon.

To combat spots, blackheads and blemished skin, apply daily to blemishes with a roller.

EAN-Code: 7611841700085

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