Dr. Wild & Co. AG

Innovative, stand-alone, independent

In 1932, laboratory chemist Dr. Samuel Wild and pharmacy chemist Werner Wild established the Dr. Wild pharmaceutical company in Basel as an independent, stand-alone business. The pharmaceutical company Dr. Wild & Co. AG in Muttenz is one of the 30 leading pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. Apart from becoming well-established in the pharmaceuticals market, Dr. Wild has also gained a strong foothold in the dental market. Efficiency and internal synergies are put to even greater effect in a new building which was completed in August 2007. 

Research and development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical, medical and dental specialty products and cosmetic products.

Exclusive distribution and sales of products made by 3M ESPE, KerrHawe and Bode.

Our business associates and customers include doctors and dentists, chemists and druggists, dental hygienists and preventive dental hygiene assistants.

75% of Dr. Wild's turnover comes from within Switzerland' 25% is from exports: to a variety of European and African countries, but primarily to countries in the Middle East and Asia.


The fledgling company first became known for its CONTRA-SCHMERZ® pain reliever, which is still sold in its unique and practical tube packaging today.

CONTRA-SCHMERZ®, which first went on the market in 1933, has become one of the top-selling over-the-counter pain relievers.


In the 1940s close and fruitful relationships with schools of dentistry and practicing dentists produced a wide range of dental care products.

The dental hygiene products made by Dr. Wild are available worldwide.

Future strategies

Knowledge, ability and experience are important resources. Dr. Wild creates benefits for its customers and employees by combining these skills in an innovative way. The aim is for the company to achieve sustained success and to ensure its survival as an independent SME within its market.

In order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the company’s foundation, Dr. Wild & co. AG in Muttenz has treated itself to a new building

The new building, which was erected in 2007, firstly represents an expression of confidence in the future of the company. Secondly, growth necessitates greater capacities, while official requirements demand an optimised working procedure in order to take account of both national and international directives. Administration, production and storage are all combined under one roof, which generates both greater efficiency and internal synergies.

  Dr. Wild & Co. AG, Hofackerstrasse 8, 4132 Muttenz/Switzerland, info@wild-pharma.com