Dr. Wild & Co. AG

Dr. Wild - The Company

The pharmaceutical company Dr. Wild & Co. AG is one of the 30 most important pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. It was established in 1932 by Dr. Samuel Wild, a laboratory chemist, and Werner Wild, a druggist.

The SME has remained an independent, stand-alone family-run company to this day.

Dr. Wild has also gained a foothold in the field of dentistry as a manufacturer of medicinal products, oral and dental hygiene products, and as a supplier of medical devices for the dental market.

The company has around 50 employees, 13 of which work in pharmaceutical and dental outside sales.

What does Dr. Wild do? 

Our business areas include:

  • Research and development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical and dental specialty products and cosmetic products.

  • Exclusive distribution in Switzeralnd of dental medicinal products and medical devices made by the French company Septodont, a global leader in the industry.

  • Sales in Switzerland of dental articles made by 3M ESPE and Kerr-Hawe (USA), as well as sales of products made by the German firm Bode, which specialises in disinfection.




  Dr. Wild & Co. AG, Hofackerstrasse 8, 4132 Muttenz/Switzerland, info@wild-pharma.com